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We Love Philly!  We also LOVE Bucks, Montgomery, Chester & Delaware Counties too! Our Regional Group is Called “Love Philly Revenue Share Group” which encompasses our ‘Revenue Share Members’ that have joined eXp Realty through our introduction to the company. Members of our Love Philly Revenue Share Group can market and brand themselves under their own personal, team or group name.

Realtors, get ready to be blown away by the company that has expanded into all 50 states & worldwide…

Real estate brokerage offices everywhere right now are struggling to survive due to the combination of a down market, fixed and rising overhead costs, and a consumer who has more information at his or her fingertips than ever before. Offices are downsizing or going out of business entirely.

eXp Realty has completely changed the game when it comes to “virtual.” eXp offices enable everything and more than an agent might be able to do in a traditional bricks and mortar setting. Together, the agents learn, teach, share, transact business, and socialize in a space that has theaters and auditoriums, offices, libraries, web development rooms, a cafe, and more.

With eXp, you will make friends and gain the insight of colleagues not just in your home state, but from across the country. The bottom-line business result is a cost saving that eXp passes onto agents by paying them more than virtually any other national brokerage in the country.

With the eXp Realty real estate business model, both agent and the company succeed through teamwork, encouraging collaboration and sharing of best practices with each other and rewarding agents and brokers who help grow the company. These philosophies have fueled the growth of eXp Realty, moving past older more established brick-and-mortar real estate companies.

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